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In 1998, through NewSong Christian Fellowship, we finally caught the vision and answered the call to go to Mexico for a 10-day baptism into missions. Yes, we were baptized into the world of traveling to other countries to spread the Good News of Christ, and we were loving it.  For me that was radical.  It is something that I never dreamed that I would ever do.  The result:  In 1999 we returned to Mexico, as a family, for another 10-days, working with the Mazatlán church once again.


In the year 2000 we answered that call again and something was starting to happen.  The people of Mexico, led by their Pastor Jose “Joe” Pacheco and his wife Laurie Pacheco, had begun to pray that John, Joan and Gabrielle Hall would move to Mexico to help raise up leaders and future missionaries.  We could not believe it.  I could not imagine living outside the U.S.  But, I have learned…never doubt the call of God on your life, especially when you hear that many are praying for you to complete that call on your life.


So…in January 2001 we departed in our Toyota Camry with 2 years of belongings in tow.  We couldn’t bring beds or stoves or refrigerators. We brought what we were called to bring:  The love of the Lord Jesus to people who needed to hear and learn more about Him.  Result:  The most fantastic life experience that we have as a family shared, amazing trials and triumphs in tow, a daughter fluent in Spanish, now named Gaby, and I as an individual had received the most peace knowing that I was in the center of His will.


After 2 years of living among the wonderful friends that extended their love to us in Mexico and extending our arms to them as they spoiled us, we returned to the U.S.  We were troubled about this return because we felt that our work had only just begun.  We knew that God had called us to the nations and that we were especially called to Mexico; however, over time we began to sense that He was calling us to 5 nations.


While John returned to a ‘pastor in training’ life, I returned to teach Spanish in the church academy while my career began to get into gear once again. Once established, I knew I had to work, but I longed for my arms to embrace young and old in the third world nations once again. We returned to Mexico that summer and the next, and then I answered the call to Madrid Spain in January 2004 with two other young women. We traveled through Spain and into Morocco in North Africa where I experienced a culture completely outside of anything I had EVER been exposed.  


Each year we have traveled to re-connect with our friends in Mexico because that is what our family can do together.  





If you would like to pray for me I would be honored to have you do so.  As I said before, the main thing that I need is prayer for this journey.  If you would like to support me in this joint venture with John I would be happy to receive any contribution that you feel led to make small or large.



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Please take a look at my other pages.  This will be a consistent blog that I will update and keep current.  Be blessed and Thank you so much for your precious time that you gave to hearing my heart...Love In His steps, Joan...